The Several Ways to Watch NHL Playoffs Online

The NHL Playoffs have been such great spectacles for all the NHL fans because of the sensible reason. If you are expecting to see such spectacle, you will want to know how to watch NHL playoffs live stream without a cable. There are many legit ways for you to do that.

watch nhl playoffs online

NHL Playoffs Streaming services

The broadcasts in the US are from CNBC, NBC, NBCSN, and the USA. The good thing here is that you just need to have the streaming service that provides the legit access to these channels. There are many streaming services that you can try. However, we’d like to highlight the best ones. Without further ado, let’s just check our list.


It is not exaggerating to say that Fubotv has the cheapest offer amongst other option. With just $19.99 per month, you could watch all the games you want. Keep in mind that this number is the promotional price for the first month. The price will jump back to $44.9 per month. However, it is the best option for you if you seek the least expensive option. You just need to subscribe to this service and unsubscribe at the right time. You could consider using the cheap first month to only watch the NHL playoffs and then cancel your subscription. The FuboTV is a flexible option since you are able to watch all the NHL Playoffs easily through any compatible streaming device available on your side.

NHL Playoffs live

YouTube TV

If you are a regular user of YouTube TV, you might be convenient with this option. It is indeed one of the most versatile streaming services. With $40 per month, you will get strong streaming quality with unlimited DVR. It works really well with Apple TV and Chromecast. If you are the user of one of these devices, don’t hesitate to order the subscription to YouTube TV. You will get the major channels to broadcast the NHL playoffs, including the USA, NBC, CNBC, and NBCSN. 60 channels are plenty.

PlayStation Vue

Many agree that PlayStation Vue is one of the top streaming services for HD NHL Playoffs. That’s why we also add this to our top list. The access package that you need costs $39.99 per month. It has the top-notch streaming quality. Keep in mind that your internet connection should be stable and decent to enjoy the maximum quality. However, it has the lowest amount of the NBC Coverage. Probably, it is the only downside that we’d like to highlight. The reason is that it is perfect for fans who live in the right area coverage. If you are not sure in using this service, you could use the 5-day trial for free.

Hulu with Live TV

It costs around $39.99 per month to subscribe the Hulu with Live TV service. The good thing here is that you will have the access to the most NBC local stations. Not to mention there will be plenty of on-demand content that you can enjoy too. Although it has such pricier option, it is a bit cheaper from Fubotv for the long run. If you are planning to binge watch the NHL games the entire year, this can be the good option for you. If you are not really sure about this option, you could make use of its 7-day trial without spending a single dime! If you add 4 bucks more, you will get the commercial-free package of Hulu with Live TV. You will watch without seeing the annoying GEICO commercials in the process. It can work on compatible devices like Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android, as well as Web Browsers. Chrome is reportedly the best browser for the service.

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You could have the access to the NHL playoffs as well as plenty of other channels. With $35 per month, you will have plenty of options of the channels. Not to mention there will be a lot of on-demand options as well. What we like from DirecTV is that it offers the cheapest price per channel of any streaming service. But there will be no cloud DVR. If you want to use the DVR, consider YouTube TV. Tons of channels are enjoyable, including ones which broadcast the NHL playoffs. You could also try DirecTV now for 7 days without spending a single dime. You could also upgrade the package. But the good thing is the standard package is more than enough to watch NHL playoffs.

The Several Ways to Watch NHL Playoffs Online
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