The Western Conference Playoff Destiny Can Proclaim Today

Many have been feeling the hypes for the Western Conference Playoff Race destiny because there are a lot of things going on in this side. Many teams are rising and falling in the four via eight spots of the West.

The Western Conference Playoff Destiny Can Proclaim Today

The Western Conference fates will be set tonight. And tonight might offer the first fact which can clear many people’s speculation for the NBA Playoff 2018 Race in the West.

It is undeniable that the night will be busy because there will be a lot of actions from these teams: Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Pelicans, and San Antonio Spurs. They will all act tonight.

Many experts and critics have given a node that tonight will be very determinant. It will become clearer of the playoff race prospects in the future. The reason is obvious. All of the mentioned teams will be playing of these teams are playing each others.

Almost all of the teams mentioned above have the chance to get to the fourth in Western Conference. But note that it will happens if the terms are met.

Timberwolves will reach the fourth if they win. So, it happens if the Timberwolves beat Jazz in Minnesota. They will easily reach the fourth spot by night. Keep in mind that the winning result of Timberwolves won’t be affected by Thunder vs Pelicans game. However, they need the favor from Houston Rockets to beat Spurs to make it happen. When these events happen, Utah Jazz will probably go down to eight seed. Or, they might stag in seventh seed depending on Thunder vs Pelicans game. If Pelicans win, Utah Jazz will be in the eight position. Thunder may have the fourth seed as well but will lose due to a tiebreaker with Timberwolves.

Spurs will remain in the fourth if they win, Jazz or Timberwolves win, Thunder or Pelicans win. What does it mean? Obviously, Spurs will set them apart from other teams if the right events happen this night. As mentioned they need to win. Their opponent would be Houston Rockets. If they manage to win, they will definitely be in the fourth spot. They will have a stronger position if Utah win. Utah and New Orleans are one game behind San Antonio in the standings.

Timberwolves and Thunder fall behind 1.5 games of San Antonio. Spurs has been increasing the chance because they raise from a half a game ahead to the whole 1 game ahead of the pack. They have only 5 games remaining left. If they are doing great in the last remaining games, they will have better position in the upcoming playoffs.

For another scenario, there is a possibility that Utah, New Orleans, and San Antonio tied for fourth.This will happen if Utah Jazz wins, Rockets Win, and New Orleans Win. Okay, that is a bit insane. But as we know in such competitive season, everything can happen. We will come across the possibility that this scenario can work this night. This will happen if Utah Wins the tiebreaker. Then San Antonio and New orleans would bring them to the fourth. San Antonio gets down to the fifth, and New Orleans will rise to the sixth. With the losing results, Timberwolves could fall from the fifth to seventh. Not to mention Thunder would fall from sixth to eight.

It the situations above happen, Utah Jazz will then find themselves on the spot with five games remaining. They would take on Lakers Twice, Clippers Once, and Golden State Warriors. The Trail Blazers will be another stepping stone for them. Utah Jazz needs to take what they get to stay in the safest path for their better fate.

After tonight’s game, Thunder will have four games left to determine their fate when taking on Golden State. Then they will face on the Rockets, and close the gap with Miami Heat. Losing will be the last option for them. Timberwolves will also have four games left after tonight’s feast. Timberwolves are not so lucky because they have to face Nuggets twice in the remaining four games. If they lose to Denver, they won’t be able to reserve their spot for playoffs. Instead, Nuggets will claim the seat.

The Western Conference Playoff Destiny Can Proclaim Today
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