NBA Playoffs 2018 Top Seeds and Standings Predictions

You know the drill. The final sprint to the NBA playoffs has been about the seed positions than teams who pursue their spot. As many people have been expecting, there will be drama going on in the Western Conference. There will be a significant amount of games left for each team in the prestigious season. All teams will try to create the opportunities in the standings. Don’t get it wrong, but Eastern Conference might be less exciting than another conference.

NBA Playoffs 2018

We know that Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons still have the chance to get on the spot. The elimination terms for them are still far away. But when it comes to the odds, they might be out of the picture of a prospect.

We are going to be more specific here. The NBA regular season happens to find out which teams that will make the playoff field. We have the 2 different sides, the Eastern and Western Conferences. Well, that can be a bit tricky to predict the results.

There are only two weeks left in the current season. When it comes to the safe position, the Eastern conference has five teams that are coming from Raptors, Celtics, Cavs, 76ers, and Pacers. Meanwhile, the Western Conference has 2 two teams that are coming from Rockets and Warriors. These teams have indeed secured their positions. However, there are still nine openings remain in the season.

There are many probabilities when it comes to the contenders who participate the final playoff spots. The experts have simulated every remaining game of the season to find out the outcome. You could see the tables anywhere. But we need to keep in minds that there are some teams who can’t make it to the playoffs including the Hawks, Mavericks, Nets, Magic, Kings, Suns, Grizzlies, Knicks, Bulls and Lakers. They are all eliminated from the playoffs. Meanwhile, we still wait for the prospects for the Pistons and Hornets. They will really need to struggle to make the playoffs. Their chances are down to 1% from the tables.

We have mentioned about the teams who reserved their spot in Eastern Conference. So, there is not much left to predict. One of the teams that have improved the chance is The Heat. The team has around 14.9 percent chance to save the spot. With the eight games left on the schedule, The Heat holds a five-game lead over Pistons. Not to mention that the remaining 5 of 8 games are facing the eliminated teams. This won’t make such significant burden to the team.

Meanwhile, Raptors will need to deal with the upcoming three games. Celtics are at the top of the East. Toronto holds 735 chance to take Atlantic Division. They are also no.1 seed in the playoffs future.

While there is not much left in Eastern Conference, there are still a lot of things in the Western Conference playoff race. Spurs have made their way to the playoff picture. They have been improving their odds by 5%. These odds will also change as the time goes by. Thunder and Jazz are also heading toward such prospective results as well. Utah has served the good spot as well.

However, Jazz will be struggling since they will have strong opponents in the upcoming events. They will need to face against Celtics, Timberwolves, Warriors, and Trailblazers. The regular season will come to close. They will need to prepare themselves to survive.

Meanwhile, the Nuggets are two games behind the Jazz. Challenges come to Denver since their remaining games are against playoff teams or teams in the contention. They will face the big challenges before closing the season. Minnesota has more prospective future because they will meet lottery teams like Grizzlies, Mavericks, as well as Lakers.

In the Northwest Division, we can be sure that Trail Blazers have control in the division. Thunders and Timberwolves will still have the prospects in the future. The Trail Blazers will possibly be in the 3rd seed. Rockets and Warriors will be the first and second.

NBA Playoffs 2018 Top Seeds and Standings Predictions
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